A Whole Lotta Love by Donna Hill, Brenda Jackson, Monica Jackson
Signet Books, Jan 2004
Rating: 4
Reviewer: Toni Mac

Over the Rainbow (Donna Hill)
Is it wise to mix business with pleasure? Jessica Morgan is the owner of Harlem soul food restaurant Lip Smacking Good. At size 18 Jessica is “a woman with some meat on her bones, a real woman.” She is at first hesitant when approached by the handsome and regular customer Russell McDaniel. As a photographer Russell asks Jessica to pose for a plus size fashion magazine. He feels that her body “epitomizes the whole living large concept.” Before long she is swept into the fast paced world of fashion and modeling. Has what she’s been looking for been in front of her the whole time instead of somewhere over the rainbow?

When Wishes Come True (Monica Jackson)
Since her youth, Topaz Sinclair has spent every birthday with a close circle of friends. Her thirtieth is no exception as Topaz with her “rounded, plump curves carried with a womanly confidence” blows out her candles. It’s tradition that the birthday girl each year makes a spoken wish. In the past, all heartfelt, sincere personal wishes always came true. So it was no surprise to Topaz that immediately after her wish for true love left her lips, in walked her former high school sweetheart. But as they resume their relationship, something just isn’t right. Is this one wish that will not come true?

The Wright Woman (Francis Ray)
Stephanie Wright, a perfect size 20, can’t believe her luck when the ruggedly handsome Michael Dunbar walked through the doors of the upscale boutique in which she works. The two hit it off. Burned by his past, Michael is a little cautious about proceeding with a relationship. Not only that, but he’s keeping a secret from Stephanie. Can the duo work past this? Will Stephanie be able to show him that she’s the “Wright” woman for him before its too late?

This second anthology dedicated to big bold and beautiful women is a winner! The four authors through cute yet sexy stories wonderfully reiterate that beauty is not measured by one’s dress size. Job well done ladies.