Whisper Something Sweet by Deatri King-Bey
Parker Publishing, LLC, May 2007
Rating: 5
Reviewer: Kim Robinson

Monica “Sweetie” Fuller is a thirty five year old analyst who is not one to take crap from men. She has actually gone celibate with the help of her drawer of “Toys.” Sweetie has built her own private fantasy around her phone relationship with Gabriel, one of her clients. When she googles Gabriel, she learns that all the women in his life are slender and light and skinned, the exact opposite of her full figured chocolate skin self. When Gabriel comes to Chicago, Sweetie passes Tess off as herself unable to face her fantasy and deal with her insecurities.

Tess, Monica’s secretary, gets beat-up by her boyfriend yet again. Tess must learn to stand on her own two feet, but her ex boyfriend’s sudden appearance in the garage of her job hinders her progress. Tess believes he wants to win her back but her ex is looking for something else.

I love the way Deatri King Bey weaves a story. With Whisper Something Sweet, she builds a momentum that keeps you on your toes. When you think you know what is coming, this book takes you in a completely different direction, making the story even more intriguing. I related to the characters and felt like they were my friends.