Don't Get It Twisted by Eric Pete
NAL Trade, October 2005
Rating: 4
Reviewer: H. Renay Anderson

What kind of woman would date a man who would call his former girlfriend while making love to his new woman? Isrie Walker was that kind of woman. She had a knack for selecting the wrong type of man to get involved with. In fact, she met her last scumbag Ryan on a television dating show. She could not count on her own self when it came to making good choices in men, but she could count on her long time friend Deja for always being there to pick her up when she fell. Now that she had literally run in to her new love interest Michael, would Deja have to pick her up again?

Deja Douglas was a free-lance photograher. Her weight had always been something that she had been concerned about, but she hid it from the world with her pretty face and an electic style of dressing. She had a quick whit and a bubbly personality. She photographed some very sexy male models almost everyday and from time to time she couldn't help but look at their firm muscular bodies with the eyes of a woman instead of a photographer. In her heart she thought that she would never stand a chance with any of them, so she kept her admiration to her self. That was until one of them started to show admiration for her. Was he for real?

Good writing by author Eric Pete. He gives a good depiction of how it is now days in the dating world for people in the business of servicing and photographing the 'beautiful people'. Who can you trust and who can be trusted? Yet, these women wanted to give love another try.