A Ton of Trouble: A Josephine Fuller Mystery (Josephine Fuller Mysteries)
St. Martin's Minotaur, July 2002
Rating: 4
Reviewer: Desiree

In A Ton of Trouble, the 4th installment of Lynne Murray's Josephine Fuller mystery series, Jo finds herself visiting Wolf Lambert, director of x-rated plus size films, at his winery due to a strange letter she received with an invitation to his winery. With her curiosity sparked and some spare time on her hands Josephine visits the winery and comes across the body of Steve Farquar, the son-in-law of Lambert's neighbor who incidentally wants to buy Lambert's property. Thelma, a super-sized BBW (big beautiful woman), x-rated film star and bookkeeper, is accused of the murders and Josephine Fuller is somehow roped into investigating the murder. But she still has to perform the duties of her day job, investigating a number of women's clinic for a possible charitable contribution from her very wealthy boss.

I truly enjoyed A Ton of Trouble and it's somewhat wacky mix of characters that felt so real they popped off the page. The story itself was entertaining if not overly challenging as far as mysteries go. I enjoyed interesting mix of story and characters Lynne Murray put together for her readers. I absolutely loved Josephine Fuller. She reminded me of so many plus size women I know. Not necessarily proud to be plus size but not ashamed of her size in anyway. She is just a normal woman struggling to find love, happiness and earn a living in a world that does not always see past her size.

As I said earlier the mystery part of the book was not particularly challenging. If you are a mystery buff and good at figuring out the killer before the end of the story you will probably suspect the killer or at least part of how the killing was done before the end of the book. But the the lack of challenge in the mystery does not take away from the story as a whole. I still enjoyed the interesting story twist including the ongoing investigation of the women's clinics for Josephine's boss.

All in all, A Ton Of Trouble is a good book and I will definitely be picking up other books is the series..