The Thin Woman by Dorothy Cannell
Crimeline, May 1992
Rating: 5
Reviewer: Krista

Ellie Simmons really wants to be thinner. But with her love of food, it wasn't going to happen any time soon. Then she gets an invitation to go see her family and is not sure what she should do. All she knows is that if she goes she must have a date. Ellie decides to hire an escort from an escort service but after meeting her date, Bently T. Haskell, she is about to regret it. They show up at Merlin's Court, only to have her cousin making eyes at Ben and her Uncle Merlin show up in odd places. An unexpected death and puzzle to solve is enough to put Ellie over the edge. She almost loses her appetite for food but Ben's cooking while they solve the puzzle helps her out. Can Ellie she trust anyone around her?

My favorite character was Ellie. I could really relate to her struggles to lose weight and how society looked at her. She didn't let it get her down. Ellie had to persevere through everything in order to help solve the puzzle. She really had to work hard and make things work or she would not get an inheritance. Ellie was a true fighter and I loved how things worked out for her in the end. Now, now that she needed it but she really wanted it . My other favorite character was Dorcas. She was there to help solve the puzzle. She may have come towards the end of the book but her part was important. Dorcas filled in bits and pieces to things at the end that made everything seem right.

The storyline and the characters of The Thin Woman were real to me. Ellie had to learn to change her habits towards food and embrace who she was becoming in order to earn her inheritance. The struggle that Ellie had with her family was interesting. I never knew families could be so dysfunctional. I could see that the struggle in this book had a purpose. It showed that life is a struggle but you need to keep going, the answer could be just around the corner.

I really loved this book. Dorothy Cannell is a wonderful writer and she makes things so real to life. I had a difficult time putting it down. The twist and turns in the book were unpredictable and made the plot interesting. The surprise towards the end was worth the entire book. Cannell had me on the edge of my seat in one part and the next laughing my head off. This author is one amazing writer. I really enjoyed what she had written and I look forward to reading more books by her in the future. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good mystery and not knowing who committed all the crimes.