Blind Temptation by Lesley Hal
Pleasure Principle Publishing, August 2006
Rating: 5
Reviewer: Kim Robinson

For this to be Lesley Halís first book, I have to say that I am very impressed. I donít have a lot of free time to read, but I was at my sonís basketball game missing all his shots because I could not read this book fast enough. It was a wonderful read. Interesting, a definite page turner that takes you to places you would never have dreamed. I think I was so caught up in it because the events were so unpredictable, and left me with my mouth hanging open.

Chante Micheals Ė The woman who has it all; A prestigious position as regional director of a bank, three beautiful triplet daughters, a husband who is a prominent lawyer. She maneuvers through office politics with ease, takes wonderful care of the children and is a devoted attentive wife. Life is wonderful until her husband gets distracted.

Michelle Ramsey - works at bank, makes good money, has a nice condo and drives a luxury car. She struggles with her weight. After Brandon walked out on her she took comfort in food. She has a boyfriend Ė Greg who adores her and when Brandon strolls back into her life she breaks up with him. But later regrets that decision. Michelle is keeping a secret, Brandon is abusing her: mentally and physically and because she is so ashamed she doesnít seek out help until she just canít take it anymore.

Karrisa Waters Ė Chanteís assistant, whom she assists in finding out how beautiful she really is. Karrisa went through life wanting to be invisible she was turned out by her abusive mother when her boyfriend tried to rape Karrisa. Chante gives her a make over and she blossoms. She finally finds Andre who wants to love her and treat her like a queen. She so wants a relationship with her mother that she almost loses him too.

Paris Chereí Dumoore Ė Paris is confused and all she wants is to find a man who will love and take care of her. Her secret makes her quest difficult. Every time she thinks she has found the right man he rejects her because of her secret. Finally she canít take any more rejection and seeks revenge.

The men in this are just as colorful but I donít want to give the story away

This is an excellent read, donít miss it.

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