Slim Chance by Jackie Rose
Red Dress Ink
Rating: 4
Marcia D. C. Johns

Between watching “Say Yes to the Dress” and “The Devil Wears Prada”, I picked up Jackie Roses’ well-written, witty “Slim Chance.” Jackie introduced me to one of the most fascinatingly flawed characters in the form of size 14 Evelyn “Evie” Mays.

Thefirst part of Evie’s story could easily be the opening for an episode of “Platinum Brides”. Evie has just had the marriage proposal that most females at one time or another have thought about with the reaction that no one wants.

Fromthe onset, the author gives us a woman who is not comfortable in her full figured body; a woman who has struggled to fit into a smaller size for most of her life. She gives us a comedy, a drama and a relationship book all rolled into one. With laughter, tears, anger and surprise we follow Evie’s journey. From every chew she makes to every exercise move she makes, we are struggling along her side.

Evie has a wonderful fiancé who loves her for her—lumps, bumps and all. Bruce is a man who looks beyond what Evie considers to be her flaws and only sees the woman of his dreams. Evie on the other hand is a magazine reading, survey taking woman. We all know the type, the one that buys the must have for the season, takes the survey to find out if the boyfriend/husband is a considerate lover and so much more. Ms. Rose expertly interjects magazine tidbits that the reader will enjoy. Evie as with every bride wants to lose a little weight so that she can fit into her perfect Vera Wang wedding dress. She believes that she must be the perfect size 8 to be the perfect bride. Losing the weight becomes an all out obsession. This obsession affects her health, job, friendships and even her engagement. Evie discovers that hunger not only affects the stomach, but it also affects the thinking process. The journey of this road to wedded bliss is hilarious. It is well written, and Evie and her friends are anything but boring.

As Evie loses the weight, she begins to lose sight of the big picture and suddenly wants to step out of her comfort zone to begin a walk on the dark side. With each pound she attempts to lose, we are amused and sometimes dumbfounded by the choices she makes.

Evies journey makesfor a fun and enjoyable read. It’s not your average cookie cutter girlie book. It’s a book with meat in it along with lots of sugar.