Size 14 Is Not Fat Either (Heather Wells Mysteries) by Meg Cabot
Avon, November 2006
Rating: 4
Reviewer: Desiree

Heather Wells, former teen pop star, is doing ok. The probation period is over at her new job as assistant resident director for New York College's Fischer Hall, she has a great new boss, and she can now enroll for free classes and get the education she never received as a pop star on the road. The pay is lousy and they are making her take remedial math before she can take any real classes, and they are calling Fischer Hall Death Dorm but hey all that is just water under the bridge. At least until another student is found dead at Fischer Hall and if that wasn't enough her father (recently released from prison) shows up at her door step. What is a girl to do. Now she has to solve another murder deal with the mixed feelings towards her father. Oh yes and the man of her dreams Cooper aka the brother of her ex-finance, still doesn't notice her or so she thinks. What is a former pop star to do.

Size 14 Is Not Fat Either is was an interesting sequel. The basic premise of the book former pop star turn detective is exactly the same as the first book. It could almost be the same book. However, Heather Wells detective is just the back drop for the book. What we do find in the sequel is Heather learning more about herself, becoming more comfortable with self even as her waist line expands and connecting with her expanding, unorthodox extended family. We see how Heather has created a new life after stardom consisting of a crazy cast of character even a few from her old life. Heather Wells with her wit and spunk keep you reading and fans of romance will continue to route for her growing relationship with Cooper.

I will definitely read the third installment to this series Big Boned. I see series potential for the Heather Wells series.