Very Private Duty by Rochelle Alers
Silhouette, October 2004)
Rating: 4
Reviewer: Toni Mac

Two young lovers and best friends promise to marry upon completion of college. A simple misunderstanding sends them separate ways.

Fast forward fourteen years....

Tricia Parker, a registered nurse living in Baltimore, has returned to her childhood home of Blackstone Farms for a vacation and to spend time with her grandfather. Gone is the 18 year old brokenhearted girl. In her place now stands a woman. "She had gained weight in all the right places. Her body was full and voluptuous."

Jeremy Blackstone, a DEA agent, has returned home to his family farm to recuperate from injuries sustained in his last undercover mission. Over the years he has visited home wishing to run into Tricia, but to no avail. His wish has finally come true. His father has asked Tricia to be his private duty nurse.

Older and wiser, can these two make a go at a relationship again? Will Tricia succeed at mending more than his broken body? Or are their past transgressions still very much part of the present?

In book two of The Blackstones of Virginia series, Rochelle Alers explores the strained relationship of two lost souls and the importance of forgiveness. I particularly liked her colorful and descriptive depiction of the full figured Tricia. Enjoyable and quick read.