Livin’ Large, African American Sisters Confront Obesity
by Stacy Ann Mitchell M.D. and Teri D. Mitchell

Hilton Publishing (August 2004)
Rating: 5
Reviewer: H. Renay Anderson

The authors of this book get straight to the point! They don’t hold back any punches and when it comes to such a serious matter I don’t believe that they should. By reading this book the reader will learn that African-American’s suffer from the disease of obesity more than any other race. That’s right, these author’s feel that obesity is a disease! They don’t buy into the myth that African-American women are suppose to be ‘thick’ in order to be considered cute or sexy. They also think that we should know that obesity is dangerous and even more alarming is the fact that more of our younger African-American children are starting to show signs of obesity related diseases. Wow, this is a serious topic, right? Yes, it is, but these two authors –who by the way are sisters– have written a book filled with solid information so that African-American’s can learn that they have a choice in making the right decisions about what they eat and how to live a healthier life style.

Dr. Stacy Ann Mitchell shares medical facts with us, like how the metabolism works and the formula for calculating ‘Body Mass Index’. Her sister Teri Mitchell on the other hand comes at the reader with a different approach. A “recovering big girl” approach. She adds humor, honesty, but even more importantly she adds that human touch to let the reader know that it was not that easy for her either to decide to make the right choices. From tips on controlling your blood pressure to poems like “The Heart of the Fat”, I think these authors and this book will be successful in getting this important message across to the reader. I got the message!

I am glad that I decided to read “Livin’ Large African American Sisters Confront Obesity”! I highly recommend it to those of you who are wrestling –up and down-with their weight and obesity related health problems. Also if you are still using excuses like ‘big bones’ run in my family, you need to read this book!