Living Large by Donna Hill, Rochelle Alers, Brenda Jackson, Francis Ray
Signet Books, Jan 2003
Rating: 3
Toni Mac

Living Large is the first of three anthologies dedicated to and focused on the joys and passions of plus sized women. Sexy has no limits as these four bestselling authors show through entertaining short stories.

Rochelle Alers' Reunion
Elaine Jackson Stuart is looking forward to her upcoming 25 year class reunion. The beautiful real estate broker with a "size sixteen frame was certain to turn at least a few heads." She is a little nervous though. Her perfect marriage to her high school sweetheart recently ended in divorce. This will be the first time facing her old classmates alone. Or will it? Elaine may have found a date with whom she least expected.

Donna Hill's Surprise
- Restaurant owner and caterer Elizabeth Howell lives by the motto: "Live large, and not just in size, but attitude." At 52, she and her husband are in their prime. Their two children are grown and living their own lives away from home. Business is great. Now they have time for themselves as a couple. Or do they? Elizabeth has a surprise that will shock her family and friends.

Brenda Jackson's Bare Essentials
"Full-sized and stacked," Judge Dominique Kincaid is in control. Inside and outside the courtroom. Judge Kincaid soon finds herself loosing control as a handsome jogger catches her eye. What happens when the jogger, attorney Jordan Prescott enters her life, inside and outside the courtroom? Can she maintain control?

Francis Ray's Strictly Business
- "Curvaceous" Monica Jones is the vice president of her family's business. Her father has contracted with Garret McKnight's company. Garret also happens to be irresistibly attractive and Monica's new neighbor. Determined not to make the mistake of mixing business and pleasure, Monica has her work cut of for her as the two will be working very closely together. Can Garret break down the barriers Monica has erected around herself? Business has brought them together, can love keep them together?