Larger Than Death (A Josephine Fuller Mystery) by Lynne Murray
St. Martin's Press, July 2001
Rating: 5
Reviewer: Krista

In Large Target by Lynne Murray, Josephine Fuller returns, this time with an even bigger problem to handle. Jo is under a tremendous amount of stress, doing research to renew a grant that was set in place by the person who held her job previously. As if the stress from the grant research is not enough, Alicia Mudrone (Jo's boss), has asked her to research The Feather Heart Project, the foundation that the daughter of a friend Stephanie works for. All hell breaks loose when Stephanie's father is kidnapped. Jo is sucked into the kidnapping mystery but still must find a way to keep up with the duties of her new job. Will Jo be able to do it all or is the former employee going to get the job when she comes back to reclaim it?

Josephine is so great. She is getting more confident in this new job. Finding herself in new situations is helping her to realize who she really is. She still doesn't take crap from anyone and is very independent. Jo is a lady with a real compassionate heart and it comes out even more so in the book. She is really developing along and she evolves with each new situation.

Stephanie is a one of my favorite character in thus Josephine Fuller Mystery. As a plus size teen, Stephanie was treated poorly as a young teen for her looks. She could never live up to her mother's standards. As an adult, she works with a foundation to help people who are dying. Jo helps her to see that it doesn't matter what she looks like as long as she is happy. Stephanie's character show great growth eventually becoming more confident in her looks.

The book in general left me with the same feelings as the first one Larger than Death. The women in this story had self-esteem issues and Jo was always there to help. I have the other two books in the series and I hope more comes out of it. So far I am finding all of the Josephine Fuller mysteries hard to put down. Jo's character is easy to relate to no matter what your size. These are the best books books I have read in a long time.