A Killer Workout: A Fat City Mystery by Kathryn Lilley
Signet, October 2008
Rating: 4
Reviewer: Marcia D. C. Johns

She’s back and this time our friend Kate Gallagher is determined to lose the unwanted weight even if it kills somebody. Kate is a lovely auburn haired, blue eyed, full figured investigative reporter who would love to move to a bigger market and become an anchor. She has the talent, the wit and even the looks from the neck up for the job, but lacks one thing—being a size 2 or smaller. Even her most loyal viewers are now trying to help with her weight issues by giving her unwanted advice. They email and call in their advice on what they think will help in her audience approval ratings.

As with some of us, Kate sometimes uses food as comfort, but as she struggles to drop the weight, she decides that she needs more than some fancy smacy spa. She needs to work it off in a no holds barred workout situation, and she knows just the place, boot camp. Her longtime friend Riley and his partner Kahn run Body Blast a no nonsense boot camp that Kate feels will whip her into shape. Little did she know that a weekend at Body Blast would be like spending the weekend with the Marines.

As with her first book, the author Kathryn Lilley inserts little interesting diet tidbits. She also infuses laughter along with the suspense.

In the first couple of chapters we learn more about Kate’s background, and how her self- image has been molded by life circumstances. This book has murder, in fact it has two murders, a home break in, a pot growing business, embezzlement and much more which seems like a lot, but Ms. Lilley keeps it all straight and easy to follow.

Kate may be a yo yo dieter, but she is a straight forward, no nonsense investigative reporter so when her roommate is found dead on the obstacle course she goes into investigative mode and is hungrily on the trail of the killer. Ms. Lilley takes us along with Kate as she tries to bring her story to her viewing audience.

Through this adventure Kate will have a little romance, a little laughter and a lot of suspense. She may just work so hard that she just forgets to eat.

As the story of Kate continues, I give this book a rating of 4 stars.