Fat Chance by Deborah Blumenthal
Red Dress Ink, March 2005
Rating: 5
Reviewer: Desiree

Happily plus size, size 16, anti-diet guru Maggie O'Leary is living the good life. Her column, Fat Chance, has brought her personal and financial independence, while enabling her to show the world the pitfalls of dieting and trying to live up to the standards of an image conscious society. Everything seems perfect until Maggie is given the chance to go to Hollywood and be a professional consultant to one of Hollywood's sexiest stars. This once in a life time opportunity sparks an emotional flood Maggie has kept at bay for years, taking her on a journey filled with self reflection, self realization, and secret dieting (yes the anti-diet guru actually does the unthinkable). Eventually, Maggie will be forced to deal with issues she has kept from the world and from her self for years.

Fat Chance is an offbeat, hilarious, chick lit novel filled with intriguing characters and enough hi jinks to keep the pages turning. Maggie O'Leary was a fascinating character. I enjoyed her offbeat humor and her unique perspective on the plus-size culture. Her secret makeover was just hilarious and the self-realization that resulted felt real and honest. Size, weight, and image are major issues for even the most confident of women. Maggie's character allows all women to laugh at the lengths many of us are willing to go through when dealing with these issues.

Fat Chance is a terrific read. Deborah Blumenthal penned a novel women of all sizes will enjoy. The cast of unique characters have a style and flare all their own. The social issues are presented to us with honesty and a touch of humor. And the writing as a whole is just some of the best this avid reader has ever encountered. As you can see I definitely recommend Fat Chance to one and all.