Farther Than I Meant To Go, Longer Than I Meant To Stay by Tiffany Warren
Grand Central Publishing, October 2006
ISBN: 978-0446693530
Rating: 4.5 (Amazon 5)
Reviewer: H. Renay Anderson

She was a bank President and a devout church goer. In fact she was the armor bearer for the 'First Lady' at the 'Bread of Life Apostolic' church. So why was Charmayne Ellis now standing in the middle of the streets in her own blood having a nervous break-down? Charmayne had always had a low opinion of herself mostly, because she was a Big woman. Big meaning the size woman that folks whispered and made fun of for carrying two plates in a buffet line. She had two really good friends Lynette and Ebony who were both thin and very attractive.

Charmayne had known Lynette since high school. Listening to Lynette's stories about her many male admirers over the years was the closest thing she had to a love life. Charmayne thought she'd be alone forever, because a man with all the traits she wanted in a man would never be interested in her. She had gone unnoticed by those type of men all of her life. So she accepted the fact that she would just be successful at her job, a dutiful daughter to her Mother, a good friend to Lynette and Ebony, and a faithful servant to the Lord. Those things and food would keep her satisfied. At least that was, before she met the man of her dreams Travis Moon. Travis was fine, intelligent, religious, romantic, and he had a job. He fit every item on her list. He was the boost to her self-esteem that she had always needed. Travis was the eye-candy on her arm that all the thin women she knew wished they had on their arms. Her prayers had been answered, but had she fallen in love too fast? After all he was the janitor at the bank and she was the President.

While reading this story I couldn't help, but empathize with Charmayne Ellis. In fact, Tiffany Warren wrote this book in such a realistic way it was as though she was actually sitting in a corner watching these characters in real life. The story flows from the present to the past and back to the present with ease and expertise. From the first day I started reading this book I was thoroughly entertained. Reading 'Farther Than I Meant To Go, Longer Than I Meant To Stay' will let you see what could happen when you question the message that God is sending you.