The Wrong Drawers by Misty Simon
Draumr Publishing, May 2006
Rating: 5
Reviewer: Kim Robinson

In The Wrong Drawers, Misty Simon brings back Ivy, the bumbling victim turned heroin from her book Poison Ivy. Ivy Morris inherits her aunts store and house in Martha’s Point on the east cost. This is her chance for independence. She has been taking care of her father since her mother past away. She boards a plane leaving California to head for a new life. She had no idea how to deal with the back room of the costume store called the Maske Shoppe. She is surprised that her Aunt had a little naughty lingerie store which kept the store afloat beyond Halloween. Most of these outfits Ivy could not fit her ample figure into even if she were so inclined. She does, however, add color to her wardrobe and lets go of the brown that dominated her wardrobe.

Ivy is diligently working on a relationship with the town eligible bachelor and newspaper writer Ben Fallon and is about to close the deal when her father shows up and gets comfortable in her house putting her love life on hold.

This small town has lots of secrets and people do not warm up to strangers very easily. Her one and only friend is an ostracized hair dresser named Bella. The town blames Bella for their star football player moving away when she divorced him and took him to the cleaners. Ivy is repaying a debt to Bella by cleaning her house and helping prepare for a naughty toy party when Tarrin, the person Bella is sponsoring the party for, comes in with an icy attitude toward Ivy. Tarrin told her “You might want to rethink your little back room because my business is going to run you out of yours."

Tarrin has already heard that Ivy is seeing Ben Fallon, who just happens to be her ex beau. The woman corners Ivy and says some nasty things, then dares Ivy to repeat any of it to Bella. Afterwards, when the party is winding down Ivy goes into the bedroom followed by Tarrin. They have a few words making shy Ivy, who is not equipped with the art of “Comeback”, so flustered that she goes into the next room to compose herself. When she gets it all together she returns to the room to retrieve her scarf and finds it on Tarrin. On closer inspection Tarrin is dead; strangled with her scarf.

How is Ivy going to find out who the real murderer is when she is the prime suspect? Even her friend Bella thinks that she did it.

I love this series. When I was not laughing I was crying.