Dangerous Dilemmas by Evelyn Palfrey
Pocket Books, 1999
Rating: 5
Reviewer: H. Renay Anderson,

Audrey is like most middle-aged women who have worked hard all of their adult life to further their career while supporting their husband and his career. She has a weight problem in her mind, but she is at the point in her life where she can travel when she wants to and buy pretty much anything she wants. Yet, money is not everything. Her husband is always out of town on business, her daughter hardly speaks to her and her son just got put in jail for murder. Yet, nothing could have prepared her for the shock of her life she received when she convinced her rebellious twenty-three year old daugther Rosa-Lee to get in their Motor-home and take a road trip with her.

On the first night Audrey is prepared for a night of gambling in Shreveport and a Mother and daughter reconnection as soon as her daughter Rosa-Lee took a nap to re-cooperate from all the beer she had drank while they were driving that day. While checking on things at their family vacation condo in Shreveport, she realizes that the Condo is being occupied. Who had her husband rented it to without telling her?

This book is captivating! I was anxious each time I turned another page. This lady was just like many of the women I know who have been lucky enough to have lived past forty and still be able to hold onto their sanity. Raising kids and watching them turn into adults. Then watching their husbands, who they have supported all of their married life turn into middle-aged, selfish strangers. Then along comes the man of their dreams, but is he really?