Cole's Red-Hot Pursuit by Brenda Jackson
Silhouette, Jun 2008
Rating: 4
Reviewer: Toni Mac

Patrina Foreman, full figured and well endowed in all the right places, has no trouble catching the eye of the opposite sex. However, after the tragic loss of her husband, a sheriff, three years prior, she is not interested in becoming involved with any man, particularly one in law enforcement.

Cole Westmoreland, unknown to many, has recently retired from his career as a Texas Ranger. He’s in town in preparation for his father’s upcoming birthday party. Not looking for a relationship either, Cole somehow can’t get Patrina Foreman out of his mind, especially now that he is in her neck of the woods.

Mother Nature knows best. A blizzard hits, trapping Patrina and Cole together and unleashing some unexpected feelings.

As with any of Brenda Jackson’s novels, “Cole’s Red-Hot Pursuit” is a quick and heartwarming read. The timeless theme of love never gets old and Brenda Jackson is a phenomenal writer whose creativity has no bounds. With the ending, I can’t wait for Quade Westmoreland’s story.