Big Girls Don't Cry by Donna Hill, Brenda Jackson, Monica Jackson, Francis Ray
Signet Books, Jan 2005
Rating: 3
Reviewer: Toni Mac

Dr. Love by Donna Hill
Tricia Spencer, a self proclaimed “big girl as long as she could remember,” is a workaholic. She’s busy getting her company ImageNouveau Advertising off the ground. She’s so busy in fact, that she hasn’t taken time for herself or her health as she soon finds herself flat on her back in the middle of a staff meeting. At the hospital the handsome Dr. Evans is assigned to her case. Will he be able to help Tricia see the importance of taking care of her health and personal life?

The Perfect Seduction by Brenda Jackson
College professor Megan James is back home in Virginia to care for her mother and new stepfather’s ranch as they honeymoon for three weeks. She plans to spend her time engaged in some much needed R and R before its back to California and the next semester of school. That is until she finds herself face to face with her first love Tyler Savoy, a man whom she hasn’t seen since he broke her heart over a decade ago. Megan feels that Tyler owes her a debt. Older, wiser, and equipped with a “voluptuous figure with an abundance of curves that were in all the right places,” Megan intends to collect. But what happens when Tyler turns the tables on her plan? Who will pull off the ‘perfect seduction?’

Through the Fireby Monica Jackson
Cherise Givens has a “lush body with a wonderland of curves” and she knows it. She’s a take-charge woman, and when she sees a man she wants – she gets! After all, “her weight never cost her any man worth having.” So she is taken aback when she can’t seem to get the reaction she wants from Shepard Fraser, an artist she’s hired to provide paintings for her beauty salon. What transpires when the two find themselves in a life or death situation with only each other to depend on?

His Everything Woman by Francis Ray - For the right price, “poised and voluptuous” Carla Scott will be your hired wife. She cooks, cleans, shops, and decorates. No task is too big or too small. The full-figured owner of Cara Innovations is known as the Domestic Diva. As Neal Dunbar, the new owner of a home, looked around at the 50 plus unpacked boxes, he knew immediately that she was the perfect woman to bring order to his home. Will Cara become more than simply his ‘hired wife?’

Big beautiful bold women are back in this third anthology about living and loving large. Readers that couldn’t get enough of A Whole Lotta Love will be happy to see some continuations of related characters. While all four were fun sexy tales, Brenda Jackson and Francis Ray’s stories outshined the others. If you enjoyed Living Large and A Whole Lotta Love you will enjoy these. Again, job well done ladies.