Big Boned (Heather Wells Mysteries) by Meg Cabot
Avon, November 2007
Rating: 4
Reviewer: Desiree

Heather Wells, former teen pop star, is loving life. It is spring, she is taking her first college class, she is dating a hot blond Adonis (who happens to be her math professor) and her former convict dad is moving out of the house. Her landlord and dream lover, Cooper, won't date her but what does that matter she has a boyfriend (aka blond Adonis math professor), a boyfriend that is determined to help her with her physical issues. According to him she is not over weight she is just big boned and need to tone up. Now all she has to do is figure out what this big question he has for her is and everything would be perfect. New York College on the other had is in a bit of chaos. The graduate students have unionized and are protesting their unfair treatment by New York College. And the the new resident director of Fischer Hall is straitlaced from head to toe. Thank God he is only temporary, being assigned to Fischer Hall to shape things up and help with the image of Death Dorm. As it turns out the new director is more temporary than everyone thought. Heather finds this out one morning when she opens up his office and finds him shot in the head. To make this situation even worst the police have arrested the head of the graduate student protest, who happens to be the love of Sarah, the graduate assistant for Fischer Hall's, life. What is Heather to do.

Big Boned is a fast paced addition to the Heather Wells Mystery Series by Meg Cabot. As in the first two book murder serves as a back drop to the real story of the book the progression of Heather's life. Cabot actually spends less time on the murder in this book than she did on all three of the previous books. Heather continues to use her wit and spunky charm to manage life after pop stardom. A life filled with interesting characters whose lives touch Heather and Heather in turn makes them part of her life. Heather takes her wight issues in stride and is willing (if half heartedly) to get on the board with this getting toned thing. And what woman would not be when the idea is presented to her by a blond Adonis who has to take off his glasses when you get in the shower together so you are not even sure if he knows how your body really looks.

My only disappointment with this book was the ending. Cabot ties up so many loose ends at the end of the book you get the impression book 3 will be the end of the Heather Wells Mysteries. But never say never because there is definitely some room wiggle room if Cabot decides to pick up this character again. And romance fans don't worry the Cooper and Heather dynamic is continued in full force is book number 3.