At Long Last, Love by Judy Bagshaw
New Age Dimensions, May 2004
Rating: 4
Reviewer: Krista

At Long Last, Love by Judy Bagshaw is a really good book. I loved that the women in the book were real. The women in each of the stories had to overcome the views most people have about women of plus size.

My favorite characters were Belle, Tricia, and Lori. These women were wonderful. They had such amazing support systems with their friends and some relatives. I could really relate to what these women went through because I know what it is like to have people look at you oddly. These women did not let life get in the way when they each realized someone cared for them.

This book is wonderful for all those hopeless romantics out there. Judy Bagshaw is able to get right to the heart of the matter. Her writing was easy to follow and I enjoyed every story though at the end I had wished there was more about each character. I was left wanting more. Judy Bagshaw is an amazing author and I look forward to reading more of her books.