The After Party
Why Women Wear Shoes They Know Will Eventually Hurt Their Feet by H. Renay Anderson

Mardi Gras Publishing - 2nd Publication 11/2006 (e-book)
Rating; 5
Reviewer: Kim Robinson

Valerie, a size 14 with a low self-esteem, had been through the ringer.   I know so many women who have been through the trials that Valerie suffered. She married a man and after having two children with him, he turned out to be less than what was expected. He was on drugs and when he robbed their home to finance his habit she knew it was time to file for divorce. She worked hard to take care of her and her children. She didn't have time or money to do much for herself. Her cousin April insisted that she go with her to a New Years Eve dance that her boyfriend Alexander was giving. April was in love, but her intuition told her that something was not right. She suspected that Alexander was having an affair. In the end her suspicions are confirmed.

At that dance Valerie meets Mitchell. Their relationship blossoms and he treats her much better than her ex husband Aaron ever did. Valerie has trust issues and Mitchell has got his work cut out for him in building her trust in him.

This is a good book and will empower women to walk away from whats not a good fit. I love the correlation of the title and the story.

I give this book a five. I just wish it had been longer, it seemed like I got to the end too soon. I love Renay's flow and style of writing