After The Loving by Gwynne Forster
Bet Books, Feb 2005
Rating: 4
Reviewer: Desiree

In After The Loving by Gwynne Forster, we explore the budding attraction between Velma Brighton and Russell Harrington. Velma is a full figured, educated caterer with a growing business and growing insecurities due to her weight. Velma’s weight issues hit their peek the day she watches her sexy and thin sister (Alexis) walk down the aisle to the man of her dreams.

Russ Harrington is the strong silent type. Russ was raised as part of a loving and open family but he always remained the loner that is until Velma enters his life. With Velma, Russ is able to laugh and enjoy life. He even begins to envision himself with a family of his own. Things would be perfect if Velma would stop obsessing over her weight.

Will Velma find the true root to her weight obsession? Will Russ be able to stand by Velma as she struggles through her weight issues? You will have to read to find those answers.

After The Loving was a sweet romance story with interesting character’s made real in true Gwynne Forster style. I applaud the way Forster depicted the struggles many plus size women experience through out their lives. Velma’s weight insecurities were never underplayed. Velma’s character was real, with real life issues and feelings. And Russ was the man of every woman’s dreams. As a plus size women myself it was nice to see the strong handsome man that truly loved the woman with curves.