Afterburn by Zane
Atria Books, Jan 2005
Rating: 4 
Reviewer: Toni Mac

Rayne, a perfect size sixteen, has been unlucky in love.  Instead of being overly concerned about her weight, she feels that God blessed her "with the extra weight and it was meant to be."  Her self confidence still can't save her from one dating disaster after another.  Rayne doesn't think she'll ever find someone to settle down with.

Yardley is looking for more than just meaningless sex.  He wants a relationship, but so far real love has eluded him.  That is until he steps into his local bank and sees personal banker Rayne with her "healthy physique and legs for days."  Both find themselves physically attracted to the other but assume each must already be involved with someone else.  Circumstances finally bring these two together and a relationship begins.  But can the relationship stand the test of time, resurfacing exes, family, and personal baggage?

Zane has taken it back to the basics with her latest release.  Afterburn focuses more on substance than the jaw dropping sex we've become accustomed to.  But no need to be alarmed Zane fans, there is still plenty of her signature erotica.  Afterburn offers more than simply an entertaining read.  It clearly has a message that is effectively delivered through an unexpected turn of events.  Job well done.